02 February 2009

It's beginning to wear on me.

I never thought I'd say this... but things were so much easier when my jaw was wired shut.

The dental work hurts. A lot. And its wearing on me. I've been to the dentist 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Each time, more teeth are drilled into. Then later in the evening... my mouth throbs. I'm repulsed by the thought of eating or letting anything even touch my teeth... and then I lay in bed nearly in tears that evening because my mouth is in an intense amount of pain... even after taking two Vicodin Extra Strengths (which, probably isn't even healthy to do). Who would have thought having my jaw wired shut was the *least* of my problems in this whole mess? Because I'm young and never had any issues with my teeth, the nerves are still very large. Apparently the older you are or more work you have had done, the nerves shrink up. Every chip he goes to fix, he runs into a nerve. Then he has to move the nerve, do some more drilling, and finally start to seal it up a little while we wait for the crowns and partials to come in.

I go back Wednesday for a cleaning. Then I have to wait until February 23rd to have some crowns done. And then another 3 week wait assuming the insurance stops being assholes and they can do the veneers. We're talking into April before this mess is done. I'm hoping to have all the work done before starting the tri season. Its taking a huge toll on my workouts - I can't get my heart rate up too high or I end up with severe pain in my mouth. I'm worried about my race season.

Sorry for the extremely whiny post. I'm just frustrated.


Rainmaker said...

Hang in there...a few months from now - all will be good and you'll be enjoying your mouth again.

D said...

Ah bummer. Well, chin up. Do what you can and just stay in as good of shape as you can. Worst comes to worst, you will be in GREAT shape for next year and just blow everyone away!!
And you feel free to have all the frustrated posts you need. We're here for ya! :)