12 August 2008

See? I'm terrible at this.

There's not enough hours in the day it seems to keep up with a blog, work, homework, training, friends, and sleep. I just have to get through the next two weeks to finish out class, move, and get set up in the new place. I'm going to miss living so close to work, but, alas, cheaper rent means I can spent more on triathlon stuff.

I swam at Lake Barcroft for a bit on Saturday. Easy 1000' or so, then worked with Lynn on her stroke. I have to laugh, every time I tell someone I'm only 22, they are very surprised. Lynn's comment was "if you would have told me you were 32, I would have completely believed you, and envied how young you still looked. Maturity wise though, I would have believed 32." I feel young and old at the same time. Went to the Redskins game Saturday night in the SAIC Corporate suite (I can't lie, it was pretty sweet). I was looking forward to the "OMG-WTF? :-(" ride on Sunday, so I only had a glass or two of wine, and drank a lot of water. Unfortunatly, the food decided not to like me, and I was throwing up around 5am. So much for the ride. Went back to sleep, got up around 11, and went out to get the miles in on the bike. Didn't get the full 68 I wanted, more like 45, but it was good to be out riding at least. Stomach still hurt a bit. I didn't swim on Sunday or this morning.. Trying to let my shoulder heal up a bit. I have a 60' Z2 ride tonight on the W&OD, so that should be nice and relaxing.

I was looking at our workout locations and such for the next month and a half, through the end of September. I'm excited that my vacation coincides with the TeamZ vacation too. Sweet! Then it hit me. When the next set of training documents go on... I'm going to be on the 140.6 track. Holy shit. I'm training for an Ironman.

In other news, I'm hoping the team does the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa Bay. I mean seriously... a PIRATE themed marathon? How entertaining is that?! I would totally wear some sort of Pirate striped socks or something. :) But, Austin also sounds entertaining, though a heck of a drive. At least with Tampa Bay, we could crash at the house in Hilton Head.

All for now.