30 March 2009

The day I was supposed to get new teeth

I spent most of the weekend trying to ignore the nerves building for this morning's appointment. I've been worried that I'd hate the color of the teeth, they would look unnatural, or I'd hate the shape/appearance. Its been the hardest thing I've had to face through this whole ordeal - I could handle being wired shut, I missed the solid food, but I could handle it. The fact that I lost the smile that I came to know and love over the past 24 years terrified me.

And its been delayed even longer.

I went in for my appointment this morning, and when they set the teeth on to check the fit, we found out the lab screwed up and the right ones were slightly off. I'm glad my dentist is as much of a perfectionist as I am, because he was not about to cement on teeth that weren't perfect. I did get a sneak peak at what my teeth were going to look like, and, while they aren't bad at all, it will still take a while to get used to. He went ahead and reduced down the bottom teeth (yep, round 2 of sand paper...). I'll get the new chompers April 20th. In the meantime, I need to make an appointment with my oral surgeon to start the implant process. I'm hoping to just take the 20th off, have my veneers finished in the morning and have the implant done in the afternoon. We'll see what I can work out.

In other news, I officially hate riding in the rain. Oh, and also running in the rain. It seems for as long as I can remember lately, I've been doing my weekend workouts in the rain. I've cleaned my bike more times than I can count. With the cleaning though, I've been doing slight upgrades. I changed out my cassette to a Dura-ace. Not concerned with the weight, just had an awesome deal on it (thanks bro), and I needed a different set of gears to be comfortable climbing Skyline, which didn't happen due to the rain. I also bought a different set of brake pads, because the stock Shimano's suck in the rain.

I have more to say, but I'm still drained from yesterdays 10 miler prior to the 5K race. I felt good during the whole run, aside from some cramping in my calf during the 5K. I'm assuming it was just from doing the 10 miler and then getting cold waiting around for the start.

23 March 2009

Food makes me happy.

I'm one of those people that tends to not like Mondays in general. The day seems to be a constant reminder of how short the weekend really was, what I didn't finish last week that I still need to do this week, and, after a recovery week, how much this week is going to hurt.

Today is not one of those Mondays. Sure, I have plenty that I have to catch up on from work last week, and it is the start of another build cycle. That hasn't changed.

But I'm looking forward to eating all day today.

Breakfast: Grape Nuts Flakes with blueberries and bananas, fresh pressed apple juice (mmm)
Lunch: Spicy Thai-ish Beef with brown rice, topped with red, orange, green, and yellow peppers, plus a salad complete with kale
Dinner: I have a cut of pork in my crockpot with a honey mustard glaze. Semi-cooked carrots (I hate cooked carrots, but my teeth aren't strong enough for the raw ones right now... so I just soften them a bit), and a baked sweet potato. Most likely will much on some peppers while I finish cooking.
Snacks: Cashews, raisins, or granola.. whichever sounds good at the time.

After kind of eating like crap all weekend, I welcome the health foods. I'm going to try to make Kale Chips, compliments of Maggs tonight, and see how they go. I'm intrigued.

This weeks schedule includes:
Monday - Run: 40 minute z2, strength workouts, swim
Tuesday - Swim, Bike: warm up, 30 min z2, 3 z5 a/b hill repeats, cool down
Wednesday: Strength, Run: Warm up, sprints, mile @ z3, 800 z4, recovery
Thursday: Swim, Bike: warm up, 5 min single leg drills, 20 min z2, Z4 work, cool down
Friday: swim, resistance workout
Saturday: Bike - 50 miles of Skyline!! ouch.
Sunday: 10 mile run, race Scope it Out 5K, swim.

Busy busy week ahead, but I'm looking forward to it. I think I'm going to test out the new wetsuit this week. I'm pretty pumped.

17 March 2009

Sometimes you just need..

Some comfort food.

Yesterday turned out to be a rather rough day. I recently took over a position in the company that requires an insane amount of paperwork. The previous holder of this position quit to move to California, and prior to her departure, started bringing things into my office. As I started to tackle the 4 foot stack of mail, I quickly realized that this was not only recent mail, but mail dating as far back as April of 2008. (pausing so you can grasp this as well) Who the hell doesn't open mail dating that far back, and more importantly, how did she not get fired. I packed up all of her old files that have never been touched.. and ended up with 6 paper boxes filled. I'm not quite sure where she was pulling her audit/compliance information from, because it clearly was not from the information that was supposed to be processed. I decided it would be best to start working on the stuff that is directly in my name first, and then start rehashing the past mess as time permits.

Pile of FedEx packages in my office. There was another stack on my filing cabinet too.

After working 11 hours, I ditched the office and decided I needed some comfort food. Went to the store and picked up some Gemelli, cream, a few types of cheese, and breadcrumbs to make an excellent baked mac and cheese. I also decided I needed to do some baking - it always makes me feel better. So, I picked up some things that I needed to make Almond Cupcakes with a pudding based chocolate frosting. Why cupcakes? Because D talks about them non-stop, and it makes me crave them. I went home and whipped up what could possibly be the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had, and then started on the cupcakes. No pictures of actually baking, but here's the end result (crappy cell phone picture - my camera was in the trunk of my car and I was too lazy to go out and get it.)

mmmmmm Cupcakes.

Because I feared eating all 20 cupcakes myself, and I didn't think they'd ship well to Canada... I decided to draw shamrocks on them and try to pass it off to my coworkers that I was just trying to be in the St Patrick's Day Spirit. I think they could see right through the ploy and know I just wanted some cupcakes.

After scarfing down 3 awesomely good cupcakes cleaning up, it was time to try on my newest arrival! In the midst of all of those FedEx packages was my new wetsuit. My previous wetsuit, a sleeveless Blue Seventy, has grown far to big for me after having my jaw wired. I got a killer deal on an Orca 3.8, so I went for it, even though I'm still slightly nervous about overheating in a full sleeve suit. I had already tried the suit on at a local place about a month ago, and it was slightly tight, but fit like a glove through the small of my back which it a HUGE trouble spot for me. If I can get a suit across my chest (why can't I be flat chested?), then its huge in my hips and in the small of my back. If it fit in the small of my back... yeah, not a chance in hell it would zip all the way up. Luckily Orca seems to be made for people built like a football player up top, with no hips. It is insanely comfortable, and I wasn't roasting to death while I had it on in my apartment - when I tried on my sleeveless in my apartment to confirm it was too big, I was insanely hot. Score for me :) I sent this picture to my mom, because she needs to be entertained by my life since hers is pretty quiet now. I'm quite surprised, I don't hate myself in a wetsuit now! Again, apologies for the shoddy cell phone camera, but I wasn't running outside in my wetsuit. My neighbors already think I'm strange.

13 year old on myspace style. :) The wetsuit has no marks on it... clearly I need to clean my mirror.
Made mom laugh though, and thats what matters - I told her this is what her seventh grade students send to each other, only they're probably naked.

I got up and swam this morning after taking a hiatus from the early AM swimming, instead swimming in the evenings. 4:30 came early after staying up talking for a few hours to a teammate until far past my bedtime. My body responded appropriately, and my leg cramped up like never before while swimming. I moved down 1 lane and just practiced pulling, foregoing the kick. I think my main cramping came from Sunday's ride - 44 miles in the rain. I was good for the first half of the ride, but once we stopped for a quick bathroom break, my body revolted being out in the cold. I started shaking uncontrollably as my core temperature cooled down, since I was standing still and a good deal of my clothes were wet. Score for the new rain jersey I bought, because it kept me 95% dry on the top.. but my legs, feet, hands, and head were soaked. The remainder of the ride was predominantly downhill, which further added to the inability to raise my temperature and heart rate. I didn't stretch after the ride, and took a quick nap after going home. I was very sore yesterday, and I think the aftermath is still hanging on a bit. Note to self - stretch in hot shower next time.

Enjoying the recovery week. Happy St. Patricks Day!

14 March 2009

Why are races

so F#?*ING expensive... ugh. Signed up for Bumpass International....

I think its the stupid "internet processing fee" that pisses me off the most.


09 March 2009

You're doing what to my teeth?

Back from the dentist. Surprise, right? Todays fun adventure included having my front teeth "reduced", meaning the front enamel reduced so they can do the veneers. Gross.

Let me make this at clear as possible: SANDPAPER IS FOR WOOD. NOT FOR MY TEETH.

I still have goosebumps from the thought of it. Luckily, I still am under Novicane, and have no idea how bad my teeth are going to hurt once it wears off. They feel disgusting though. I go back on March 30th to have the top veneers finished, and they'll start the bottom at the same time. Until then, its back to having uneven teeth, since all of the bonding was stripped off. Good thing I dont have time for a date in the next few weeks.

I went home last weekend, which was nice. Got to spend some time with mom and the important friends. Miller was home from LA since her sister was having another kid, and it was awesome to hang out. Its amazing how insanely close of friends we are (we do share the same first name, afterall), and yet we live on the complete opposite ends of the CONUS.

I was very apprehensive about heading home - I haven't been home since I left after dad died. I guess its been my escape, being away from home. I didn't have to truly face the fact that he was gone... and being home forced the reality back into position. I kept expecting him to be on the computer when I walk upstairs, or sitting by the fireplace when I round the corner from the kitchen. For a millisecond, I would think that he was in those familiar places, but alas, he never will be again. It was hard going to the cemetary. Nothing will ever prepare you to see a parent's name on the headstone. I've lost many people in my life: Elementary I lost my principal, two teachers, and a secretary. Middle School brought about the loss of a friend, and between high school and college, more friends than I can count on two hands, as well as my grandma. I've been to all of their funerals, and after a while, I just became numb to them. Seeing my dads name on the marker was rough. It is very solemn and respectful though, since he is buried in a national cemetary. Simple, white marker just like all the others... with a cross on the top.
Phillip J. Mauldin
Loving Husband, Father, and Friend.

Trainings been slow lately, recovering from the sinus infection. I didnt run Wednesday, spin or swim Thursday, or run Saturday. I was only able to do 28 miles on Sunday, even though the weather was perfect. I could have pushed through to 40, but I was just simply too sick, and its not worth it to make things worse. I'm feeling good today though, and will do a short run on my own tonight, and hopefully the weather holds for tomorrows ride. I'm SO glad we're riding outside again!

All for now.

05 March 2009

A New Kind of Pain

I have a blog almost complete, detailing whats been going on over the past week and a half. I'll get it up soon.

I've been dealing with all different kinds of pain during and after my accident: The initial injuries, having my jaw reset, getting the wires off, root canals, crowns... All have maxed out around a 6 on that imaginary scale often used in doctors offices. I have a high tolerance for pain.

Last night, I experienced a 9.5. Not quite a 10, because I'm pretty sure cutting off an extremity might hurt slightly more... but not much.

Enter the new world of sinus pain.

I've never had sinus issues. When I lived in Bowling Green, I'd have issues with the mold count in the air and my tonsils would flame up, but nothing major. A few colds here and there, no biggie. I started to feel a little under the weather yesterday, so I decided it would be best to do my track work indoors, keep it very low z2, and go to bed very early. I was in bed by 9pm. Woke up around midnight with some annoying drainage, just enough to make me cough a little bit. Fell back asleep. At 2am, I woke up in quite possibly the worst pain of my life. It felt as if my entire sinus cavity between my left ear and cheek bone was exponentially expanding. I wanted my ear drum to rupture, just so I could have a little more room in my head. I tried Sudafed (the good meth-head kind), and laid down hoping it would start to relieve some pressure. Nada. My left ear was still throbbing, creating a deafening inter cranial silence. I tried laying on a heating pad. No help. Ice, not an ounce of relief. I tossed and turned hoping it would stop for the next 3 hours. I contemplated going to the 24 hour CVS, but didn't really want to take anything else. Finally, I was able to convince my body if I slept, I couldn't feel the pain. It worked for another hour, until I was up again in the same pain.

I'm currently looking up an ENT doc... I wonder if this has to do with the broken jaw?

I just want to be healthy for this weekend - its supposed to be 70!