09 March 2009

You're doing what to my teeth?

Back from the dentist. Surprise, right? Todays fun adventure included having my front teeth "reduced", meaning the front enamel reduced so they can do the veneers. Gross.

Let me make this at clear as possible: SANDPAPER IS FOR WOOD. NOT FOR MY TEETH.

I still have goosebumps from the thought of it. Luckily, I still am under Novicane, and have no idea how bad my teeth are going to hurt once it wears off. They feel disgusting though. I go back on March 30th to have the top veneers finished, and they'll start the bottom at the same time. Until then, its back to having uneven teeth, since all of the bonding was stripped off. Good thing I dont have time for a date in the next few weeks.

I went home last weekend, which was nice. Got to spend some time with mom and the important friends. Miller was home from LA since her sister was having another kid, and it was awesome to hang out. Its amazing how insanely close of friends we are (we do share the same first name, afterall), and yet we live on the complete opposite ends of the CONUS.

I was very apprehensive about heading home - I haven't been home since I left after dad died. I guess its been my escape, being away from home. I didn't have to truly face the fact that he was gone... and being home forced the reality back into position. I kept expecting him to be on the computer when I walk upstairs, or sitting by the fireplace when I round the corner from the kitchen. For a millisecond, I would think that he was in those familiar places, but alas, he never will be again. It was hard going to the cemetary. Nothing will ever prepare you to see a parent's name on the headstone. I've lost many people in my life: Elementary I lost my principal, two teachers, and a secretary. Middle School brought about the loss of a friend, and between high school and college, more friends than I can count on two hands, as well as my grandma. I've been to all of their funerals, and after a while, I just became numb to them. Seeing my dads name on the marker was rough. It is very solemn and respectful though, since he is buried in a national cemetary. Simple, white marker just like all the others... with a cross on the top.
Phillip J. Mauldin
Loving Husband, Father, and Friend.

Trainings been slow lately, recovering from the sinus infection. I didnt run Wednesday, spin or swim Thursday, or run Saturday. I was only able to do 28 miles on Sunday, even though the weather was perfect. I could have pushed through to 40, but I was just simply too sick, and its not worth it to make things worse. I'm feeling good today though, and will do a short run on my own tonight, and hopefully the weather holds for tomorrows ride. I'm SO glad we're riding outside again!

All for now.


D said...

You're riding outside and it's friggin snowing here. What the hell is going on?

I keep using sickness as my excuse for not training. Lazy and unmotivated is a sickness though, right?

Sanja said...

Ever since I've read your story on Caitlin's blog, I have a question on my mind, so I thought it was about time I'd ask you: where you wearing special sunglasses?

Thanks for sharing your story btw. I was going to ride my racing bike without a helmet, but after reading your story, I am DEFINITELY going to wear one.

Ashley D said...

First of all, thank for the very sweet, sincere, and honest comment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it. :)

Like you said, I know exactly how you feel. That first trip home is rough. It does become less painful as time goes on (although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not). I'm still struggling with it all myself. Let me know if you ever want to talk or anything. Sometimes it helps if the person listening has been in your same situation. :)

p.s. My dad's birthday was also 8/8!

Rainmaker said...

I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weather - especially on your bike.

I'd agree though, the application of Home Depot items to ones facial portions should not be permitted.