23 March 2009

Food makes me happy.

I'm one of those people that tends to not like Mondays in general. The day seems to be a constant reminder of how short the weekend really was, what I didn't finish last week that I still need to do this week, and, after a recovery week, how much this week is going to hurt.

Today is not one of those Mondays. Sure, I have plenty that I have to catch up on from work last week, and it is the start of another build cycle. That hasn't changed.

But I'm looking forward to eating all day today.

Breakfast: Grape Nuts Flakes with blueberries and bananas, fresh pressed apple juice (mmm)
Lunch: Spicy Thai-ish Beef with brown rice, topped with red, orange, green, and yellow peppers, plus a salad complete with kale
Dinner: I have a cut of pork in my crockpot with a honey mustard glaze. Semi-cooked carrots (I hate cooked carrots, but my teeth aren't strong enough for the raw ones right now... so I just soften them a bit), and a baked sweet potato. Most likely will much on some peppers while I finish cooking.
Snacks: Cashews, raisins, or granola.. whichever sounds good at the time.

After kind of eating like crap all weekend, I welcome the health foods. I'm going to try to make Kale Chips, compliments of Maggs tonight, and see how they go. I'm intrigued.

This weeks schedule includes:
Monday - Run: 40 minute z2, strength workouts, swim
Tuesday - Swim, Bike: warm up, 30 min z2, 3 z5 a/b hill repeats, cool down
Wednesday: Strength, Run: Warm up, sprints, mile @ z3, 800 z4, recovery
Thursday: Swim, Bike: warm up, 5 min single leg drills, 20 min z2, Z4 work, cool down
Friday: swim, resistance workout
Saturday: Bike - 50 miles of Skyline!! ouch.
Sunday: 10 mile run, race Scope it Out 5K, swim.

Busy busy week ahead, but I'm looking forward to it. I think I'm going to test out the new wetsuit this week. I'm pretty pumped.


D said...

I definitely want to hear a review of the kale chips. Maggs actually likes all that healthy crap, so I want to hear that they're good from someone who could live off cake like me.

Maggs said...

Hope you like the chips. Remember a little salt goes a long way.

Rainmaker said...

Skyline ehh? Sweet. Hopefully Friday's weather will slide to the weekend for ya. Otherwise it might be a bit cold up there. :-/

Food makes me happy too. :)

MaineSport said...

Impressive workout plan. So when is the day off?