30 March 2009

The day I was supposed to get new teeth

I spent most of the weekend trying to ignore the nerves building for this morning's appointment. I've been worried that I'd hate the color of the teeth, they would look unnatural, or I'd hate the shape/appearance. Its been the hardest thing I've had to face through this whole ordeal - I could handle being wired shut, I missed the solid food, but I could handle it. The fact that I lost the smile that I came to know and love over the past 24 years terrified me.

And its been delayed even longer.

I went in for my appointment this morning, and when they set the teeth on to check the fit, we found out the lab screwed up and the right ones were slightly off. I'm glad my dentist is as much of a perfectionist as I am, because he was not about to cement on teeth that weren't perfect. I did get a sneak peak at what my teeth were going to look like, and, while they aren't bad at all, it will still take a while to get used to. He went ahead and reduced down the bottom teeth (yep, round 2 of sand paper...). I'll get the new chompers April 20th. In the meantime, I need to make an appointment with my oral surgeon to start the implant process. I'm hoping to just take the 20th off, have my veneers finished in the morning and have the implant done in the afternoon. We'll see what I can work out.

In other news, I officially hate riding in the rain. Oh, and also running in the rain. It seems for as long as I can remember lately, I've been doing my weekend workouts in the rain. I've cleaned my bike more times than I can count. With the cleaning though, I've been doing slight upgrades. I changed out my cassette to a Dura-ace. Not concerned with the weight, just had an awesome deal on it (thanks bro), and I needed a different set of gears to be comfortable climbing Skyline, which didn't happen due to the rain. I also bought a different set of brake pads, because the stock Shimano's suck in the rain.

I have more to say, but I'm still drained from yesterdays 10 miler prior to the 5K race. I felt good during the whole run, aside from some cramping in my calf during the 5K. I'm assuming it was just from doing the 10 miler and then getting cold waiting around for the start.


Kelly said...

You are brave for going through all this. Just reading about it terrifies me!

And I hate the rain too. I stick to indoor workouts when it's raining.

D said...

Well now you're getting them on 4-20. Good things always happen on 4-20. Can you tell I'm from BC? ;)

Rainmaker said...

Riding in the rain does suck - like you noted, mostly from a cleaning standpoint. Sometimes it's fun in the summer when it's hot though. Something different.

Did you get up on Skyline?

Also - looks like you got some Backyard action this weekend, sweet!

Wilton Winrow said...

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