17 March 2009

Sometimes you just need..

Some comfort food.

Yesterday turned out to be a rather rough day. I recently took over a position in the company that requires an insane amount of paperwork. The previous holder of this position quit to move to California, and prior to her departure, started bringing things into my office. As I started to tackle the 4 foot stack of mail, I quickly realized that this was not only recent mail, but mail dating as far back as April of 2008. (pausing so you can grasp this as well) Who the hell doesn't open mail dating that far back, and more importantly, how did she not get fired. I packed up all of her old files that have never been touched.. and ended up with 6 paper boxes filled. I'm not quite sure where she was pulling her audit/compliance information from, because it clearly was not from the information that was supposed to be processed. I decided it would be best to start working on the stuff that is directly in my name first, and then start rehashing the past mess as time permits.

Pile of FedEx packages in my office. There was another stack on my filing cabinet too.

After working 11 hours, I ditched the office and decided I needed some comfort food. Went to the store and picked up some Gemelli, cream, a few types of cheese, and breadcrumbs to make an excellent baked mac and cheese. I also decided I needed to do some baking - it always makes me feel better. So, I picked up some things that I needed to make Almond Cupcakes with a pudding based chocolate frosting. Why cupcakes? Because D talks about them non-stop, and it makes me crave them. I went home and whipped up what could possibly be the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had, and then started on the cupcakes. No pictures of actually baking, but here's the end result (crappy cell phone picture - my camera was in the trunk of my car and I was too lazy to go out and get it.)

mmmmmm Cupcakes.

Because I feared eating all 20 cupcakes myself, and I didn't think they'd ship well to Canada... I decided to draw shamrocks on them and try to pass it off to my coworkers that I was just trying to be in the St Patrick's Day Spirit. I think they could see right through the ploy and know I just wanted some cupcakes.

After scarfing down 3 awesomely good cupcakes cleaning up, it was time to try on my newest arrival! In the midst of all of those FedEx packages was my new wetsuit. My previous wetsuit, a sleeveless Blue Seventy, has grown far to big for me after having my jaw wired. I got a killer deal on an Orca 3.8, so I went for it, even though I'm still slightly nervous about overheating in a full sleeve suit. I had already tried the suit on at a local place about a month ago, and it was slightly tight, but fit like a glove through the small of my back which it a HUGE trouble spot for me. If I can get a suit across my chest (why can't I be flat chested?), then its huge in my hips and in the small of my back. If it fit in the small of my back... yeah, not a chance in hell it would zip all the way up. Luckily Orca seems to be made for people built like a football player up top, with no hips. It is insanely comfortable, and I wasn't roasting to death while I had it on in my apartment - when I tried on my sleeveless in my apartment to confirm it was too big, I was insanely hot. Score for me :) I sent this picture to my mom, because she needs to be entertained by my life since hers is pretty quiet now. I'm quite surprised, I don't hate myself in a wetsuit now! Again, apologies for the shoddy cell phone camera, but I wasn't running outside in my wetsuit. My neighbors already think I'm strange.

13 year old on myspace style. :) The wetsuit has no marks on it... clearly I need to clean my mirror.
Made mom laugh though, and thats what matters - I told her this is what her seventh grade students send to each other, only they're probably naked.

I got up and swam this morning after taking a hiatus from the early AM swimming, instead swimming in the evenings. 4:30 came early after staying up talking for a few hours to a teammate until far past my bedtime. My body responded appropriately, and my leg cramped up like never before while swimming. I moved down 1 lane and just practiced pulling, foregoing the kick. I think my main cramping came from Sunday's ride - 44 miles in the rain. I was good for the first half of the ride, but once we stopped for a quick bathroom break, my body revolted being out in the cold. I started shaking uncontrollably as my core temperature cooled down, since I was standing still and a good deal of my clothes were wet. Score for the new rain jersey I bought, because it kept me 95% dry on the top.. but my legs, feet, hands, and head were soaked. The remainder of the ride was predominantly downhill, which further added to the inability to raise my temperature and heart rate. I didn't stretch after the ride, and took a quick nap after going home. I was very sore yesterday, and I think the aftermath is still hanging on a bit. Note to self - stretch in hot shower next time.

Enjoying the recovery week. Happy St. Patricks Day!


D said...

Other people couldn't stop talking about their damn cupcake booty calls. I didn't start it. And you know the stupid part? I never even got cupcakes! Grrrr.

Maggs said...

I love recovery weeks. I never seem to get them. Just recovery days.

Rainmaker said...

Why would you ship your cupcakes to Canada? That just seems wrong!

Oh, and Mac and Cheese is the best ever.

Btw, I just noticed your background - the liquid. I like it. I also noticed you have a label/category called "Sexy bikes". Hilarious.

MaineSport said...

Don't worry about full sleeves @ IMLP. You'll be happy you have them.