13 July 2009

Feed Me

So. Hungry.

I've been cutting back my caloric intake so I do not gain weight before Placid. With the reduced training volume of taper, I hear it is pretty easy to pack on a few extra pounds. No need to haul anything more up those mountains than necessarily. Unfortunately, my metabolism (and subsequently stomach) are not that thrilled with my decision. Officially for the first time since about 2 weeks after my jaw was wired shut, my stomach growled at me. For the first two weeks of the liquid diet, my stomach was mad, then it realized I just wasn't going to feed it, gave up, and I haven't had hunger pangs since. Until this morning. ::grumble::

12 days left until Ironman Lake Placid. Yesterday's 55 mile bike ride turned out to be an interesting one. Rode on a busy highway at one point, took an exit ramp, looked at the Route 17 overpass (which we were supposed to be turning left on.. I left my go-go-gadget legs at home, so I couldn't hop up to the overpass 30 feet ahead), and was told "good luck getting back to Virginia. I took 2 water bottles with me on what I figured would be a short, 2.5 hour ride.

Dehydration FAIL.

I believe someone said it was 87 degrees out. And every small town we rode through only had a "general store", which, remarkably are all closed on Sundays. Around mile 40, I finally found a 7-11, and enjoyed a nice cold bottle of water. Dehydration had definitely set in though. Around mile 50, something flew into my helmet and attacked my head. I was able to stop and pull off my helmet, but lost the group I was riding with. I started to get chills and became blackout dizzy when I started up again, so I stopped on the side of the road and called Marlene (Sagging for the team) for a ride back. Luckily, the chills and dizziness stopped, as I had NO desire to jab myself in the thigh with my epipen


Rainmaker said...

Less than two weeks, awesome! My coach has me 'maintain a normal training diet and expect to gain 2-4 lbs of weight in the final week due to increased water storage'...fwiw.

Btw...ya owe me a scouting report. :-/

Gina said...

I know what you mean, Lindsay...I'm...starving.

Lesser is More said...

Yesterday was definitely a hot one out there. Not sure where you were riding, but as an FYI, I was out in Poolsville and the stores we stopped at were open. Assuming you were in VA, you can chalk one point up there for MD in that MD vs VA battle.

Maggs said...

I think the field is split on if you should gain weight during taper. You do need to make sure you are eating enough carbs to hold the water, but that's really just the 2 days before the race. I always lose 2-3 pounds in the last 10 days. Taper is the only time that I don't have to eat constantly so i don't lose too much weight. I plan on those 2-3 lbs to get me to race weight, a weight I can't maintain for more than 5 days (I'm cold all the time).