15 February 2010

The Roughest Road Wins?

Who knew smashing my face into the pavement could land me in the lead on a contest?

I read Steve's post about the gnarliest crash... laughed to myself and wondered how my accident would rate. Well, first I had to decide which one sucked more... the jaw incident or the broken ankle.

While snowed in during Snowmeggedon at a friend's house.. She asked me which was the worst surgery I had. Since she knew me during the broken jaw crash, she instantly assumed that's the one I'd pick. If we're going for the longest lasting with the most inconveniences, having your jaw wired shut and going to the dentist 2-3 times a week for a few months clearly takes the cake. In terms of pain, the ankle was the worst surgery I've faced. The day following surgery I was in the worst pain I had ever experienced. No amount of Percocet even made a dent in the pain I had shooting through my legs. I suppose that will happen when you have plates and screws put in. (interesting side note: There are relatively few nerves in bone. However, the thin, film-like covering of the bone surface, the periosteum, is very rich in nerve endings. Drill through that.... yowza).
D sent me a message and told me I had to enter, as did a few other bloggers who have read my stuff. So, without further adieu:

Vote for me - Recovery Ride Face Plant

You vote for 3 female and 3 male injuries. Warning - some of them are very graphic. Bruising, no biggie... no toenail.. barf.


D said...

I'm not even sure how anyone else can garner votes over you on this one. Even without knowing your full story and just looking at the pictures, you've got me sold.

Rainmaker said...

You gots my vote - though it doesn't appear you need it! You're kicking ass!

Sarah said...

Haha you are totally winning!