10 July 2008

I wonder what I'm actually drinking...

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for anything that promises quick recovery and no soreness after hard workouts. I've recently become a fan of Endurox R4, and it really has made a difference. I'm not sore the following day after a ride or run. This morning, after the swim, I took down my usual 8 oz (I cut back from the 12oz serving.. Its not like swimmings THAT hard), and got halfway through it before I started to question what I was actually ingesting. For those of you who have never enjoyed Endurox, Fruit Punch being my flavor of choice, its a semi thick, semi milky tasting drink. I feel like if I tossed scoop of ice cream in when I shook up my bottle of it, it would make a delicious milkshake. Sans the ice cream (which, now I kind of what to try), its just a little odd. Oh well, its "good for you", right?

Swim this morning went well. One of the very few times we've completed a full workout. It was only 2000 meters though, versus the normal 3500 that tend to appear on the sheet. Tuesday I had a bit of an issue getting up. My alarm went off, I stared at the clock, and began to have the following internal conversation with myself:

me: Ugh... I really don't want to get out of bed at 4:45.. Maybe I'll just go back to sleep.
me: C'mon. You already told yourself you were going to get up and do the swim early today.
me: Then again, I'm biking later tonight.. I COULD just go straight to the night swim instead, and sleep in.
me: Shit... I am supposed to clean my room and get some things done before mom gets here this weekend. Thats why I wanted to get my workout in this morning.
me: there's always tomorrow to clean my room.. I could get up early tomorrow and knock out some laundry.
me: but 2 workouts in 1 day is really good for the metabolism. And I want to shed these pounds.
me: Okay.. I've had a 5 minute internal debate.. I'm freakin awake now, might as well get up.

::stands up:: damnit. I should have just stayed in bed.

Head to Tuesday's practice before the birds are awake (seriously, there's a bird that stays on the top of our porch light. I opened the door and the bird nearly fell to its death, albeit the fact s/he had wings to catch him/herself. I'm pretty sure the bird was like WTF? I'm not even up chirping yet, what are you doing up? Practice consisted of a decent amount of Kick drills. I enjoy those - I'm insanely fast at kicking. The rest of my lane dreads them. I enjoy them even more since I've been having shoulder issues. I suppose I should schedule the arthrogram, and face the fact that I'm most likely going to have shoulder surgery. It'll be for the best, and hopefully I can return to my faster swim lanes and keep up.
Biking on the W&OD was uneventful. Matt tightened my brakes for me before the ride, since apparently you aren't supposed to be able to pull the lever to the handlebars. He tightened the front a bit too much and it was rubbing, so I had to disconnect it midway through the ride, and have him fix it when we got back. I had to laugh - after all that debate in the morning, I ended up going out with Matt, Annie, Dave, and his wife to a little mexican place in Clarindon. We ended up there until 10:30 at night.

Bike tonight at Hains Point, maybe a short run (or out to eat with the standard crew), finish cleaning my room before my mom gets here tomorrow, and rest.

Diamond in the Rough Saturday. Its supposed to be so freakin hot. :(