27 January 2009

2009 Race Schedule

Since it seems to be the thing to do this week, I thought I'd update my previous post regarding my upcoming race season.

  • Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - February 14, 2009: Not really a "race" for me... More like, I entered the full prior to eating pavement, and was only able to reduce down to the half. I'm going down to have a good time, and support my teammates racing in the Mary. Goals: 2:45? No real goals here.. I've run twice since November. Ooo- Goal - don't get injured.
  • Backyard Burn Series - March 8, 2009: I'll probably register for the 5 miler, just for a fun trail run... It should give me a good idea how my run has progressed since, well, no running? Goals: average a faster pace than I did at the MB Half. Should NOT be hard to do..
  • Scope It Out 5K - March 29, 2009: Our team volunteers as "polyps" (the race is to raise colon cancer awareness). Goals: Given that the IM'ers will most likely have a 10 mile run prior to the race, I'm shooting for a sub 28. Goal 2 - get a picture in the giant inflatable colon. :)
  • Rumpass in the Bumpass - April 18, 2009: Olympic distance triathlon down at Lake Anna. Serves as a good triathlon kick off, and will get me ready to race Kinetic Half in a month. Goals: A race for the 3's - Top 3 in age group, at or below 3 hours, or top 33% of age group.
  • Kinetic Half Iron – May 9, 2009: My very first Half Iron triathlon. I haven't decided whether I will go all out on this one, or save my absolute peak for Mooseman. Both races are qualifies for the HalfMax National Championships. I'm leaning on this to be my A+ (yes, I'm making up a system as I go..) half race over Moosey, which will be an A- race. I suppose some of my deciding factors include how I feel race day, and what my field is like. Being in the 20-24 AG, there aren't too many entrants. Goals: A goal: Top 3 in age group, qualify for HalfMax. B goal: Sub 6:15 C goal: survive.
  • Kinetic Sprint Tri – May 10, 2009: I wanted to do a back to back weekend last year, but had a pretty shady season due to injury. Goals: Actually wake up and attend the event. Not out to race or place, just to complete.
  • Mooseman Half Iron – June 7, 2009: This will be my final prep before Ironman Lake Placid. Set in Bristol, NH, the bike and run routes supposedly are a great mix to finalize all IMLP nutrition plans. As mentioned above, this is also a qualifier for the HalfMax National Championship. Goals: Shave some amount of time off the Kinetic Half final time. Nail nutrition, and feel ready for Placid.
  • Tour De Cure - June 14, 2009: I'm riding the metric century with a co-worker and his fiance. Nothing exciting here, no goals, other than the joy of raising funds (aww).
  • Ironman USA – July 26, 2009: This will be my very first Ironman. Looking forward to the challenge Placid will be. Also, hoping for no rain, unlike last year's torrential downpours. Goals: A Goal: finish around 11:45, hopefully qualifying for Kona. B Goal: Finish while its still light out. C Goal: Survive.
  • Nation’s Triathlon – September 13, 2009: 80% sure I will register for this one prior to Feb 13th (price increases again!). The first year I did this race was my first Oly race. I didn't end up training, and thought I could just poof, go out and do it. around 4 hours later, I realized you really DO need to train more than riding your bike twice in 4 months, and run more than 3 times. Second year, I became a victim of the Potomac Plague. I have never had such an awful race. Despite better training, I still finished around the 4 hour mark. For an olympic distance. TERRIBLE.FAIL. The course has been redesigned again this year, and I think they finally got things right. Goals: Kick this course in the ass, as it has done to me the prior two years.

No real plans are set in stone after Placid. For all I know, I may never want to compete in the sport again after Ironman. Or, I may qualify for something. TBD races include:
I also have to fit in some time to lay out by the pool to erase the inevitable tan lines that are going to come with biking so much... My sister's wedding is August 15th, and a close friend's wedding is at the end of October. Ha, maybe I'll ride in a strapless top.

Wow. I just realized how much I'm trying to pack in this year. Cheers to being young, recovering quickly, and ::knock on wood:: injury free.


Sarah said...

Looks awesome!

Also, I love the redesign. Your blog looks very pretty.

Rainmaker said...

Sweet looking schedule. Augusta would be a cool tri finish to the year. I think you should do MCM, it's an awesome race (and relatively flat). Plus, it's easy to find local pacer-people to keep ya cookin' during the race if you wanted them.

And ya should signup for nations! (Before it sells out!)

Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

Impressive! We are doing many many of the same races. Need to coordinate car pooling!

I'm trying to decide the after IMS plan. Maybe Nation's is a good option. Also looking at Giant Acorn.

Eric said...

nice schedule by completing the 1/2 iron of kinetic you qualify for the 1/2 championships at Oklahoma.. Augusta bike course is hilly is not a flat course, the run is flat...