14 January 2009


What happened to my request of NOT letting me fall off the blog bandwagon? 1 post in 14 days isn't too spectacular. I blame you, readers. Kidding.

My wires were removed on Friday! Woohoo! One step closer to being DONE with the broken jaw series. My teammate Mere took me in for surgery, and didn't make fun of me for any ramblings post-surgery. Its amazing how that works... one second you're breathing in the nitrous as deeply as you can, and then next thing you know, you're sitting in a chair beside your teammate. No recollection of walking and sitting in said chair either. Its kind of scary, actually. I go back this Friday to get (hopefully) a final count of what needs to be fixed. I should be able to start scheduling appointments with a cosmetic surgeon at this point. It will be nice to be done. Mainly, so I can bite food again vice tear off small pieces to eat. Also, I've grown quite self conscious about the state of my teeth. Looking at me, you wouldn't know I had been in an accident 2 months ago. It just looks like I have really bad teeth. I never knew how vain I was, but really.. I miss having perfect teeth. I get very nervous speaking with people now and showing my teeth. At least I'm almost done. Training is back on hold due to throbbing as soon as I get my HR up. I am doing some core and strength training though.

That thing, that I was excited about a month ago? Its surfacing again tomorrow.. so keep your fingers crossed. :)

I've been busy cleaning lately. I just moved (yet again.. ), and am still in the process of unpacking. My living room, den, kitchen, and bathroom are unpacked... its just the closet in my bedroom that needs immense amounts of attention. I'll have to post pictures of the place later. I love it, and its nice to have a place that finally feels like "home", and I plan on being there for a few years. Moving every 6-8 months has been exhausting. That said, it makes me a little queezy to know that I'm not moving anytime soon.


Kelly said...

Holy crap. I just read about your bike accident. That is SCARY! One up-side to being a slow cyclist!

Rainmaker said...

Great to hear you got the wires off! Hopefully your pow-wow tomorrow goes well.

And looking forward to the potential excitement surfacing!

Meredith said...

You didn't say anything too weird. Well, nothing I can, in good faith, retell here. ;)

I am still shocked about how quickly it all happened.