21 January 2009

And this is why I should post more often.

I end up with extremely long posts. My life goes from dull to action packed in 2.2 seconds, apparently.

Highlights from Friday:
I'm planning on doing some, if not all of the Backyard Burn series this spring. In doing so, I wanted to pick up a pair of trail runners, as I tend to be accident prone and would most likely fall without the additional traction. I was looking for a pair of heels at Off Broadway shoes, and of course, wandered back to the running shoes. Normally I buy my running shoes through either =PRR= or Metro Run and Walk (since it was across the street from my apt). To my surprised, I found a pair of Asics Gel Kahana's on sale for $39, marked down from the usual $75. I love end of season/color changes/whatever sparked them to reduce these particular shoes.
Now the next task, after containing my excitement on cheap shoes. To find a pair of 5's. Yes, I have miniature feet. I can wear a size 3.5 in kids. And, often, if I need a cheap pair of kicks that I won't be training in or will be destroyed, I'll buy kids.. They're like $29. It sounds glorious.. but try finding a size 36 bike shoe. Nearly impossible. I digress. I did find a pair of 5's though, and now I'm a happy camper than can run better on trails. Oh, and I didn't find heels, but that's okay, I had a pair I could use anyway.

A friend of mine hooked me up with tickets to this club in DC that had been rented out by some top notch celebs. I'm far from a Hollywood chaser, but it was pretty cool to see how some of them acted when cameras weren't around (everyone had to check cameras at the door). I don't drink much at all anymore, but top shelf liquor was flowing, and free, so of course I partook in the festivities. Lots of fun.

I was supposed to be a sag vehicle for my team ride in the morning. Being a recovery week, cold, and a 4 day weekend for most, a whole 7 people from the team showed up to ride. Needless to say, Ed told me I didn't need to sag, and I went around the corner to Providence Rec Center to get some exercise in. I looked at the packed treadmills, and decided to head to the pool. Only a few swimmers in the public swim lanes, and a few classes. Side note - why is it, that old, larger women doing water aerobics wear what appears to be shorts and a sweatshirt into the pool? Do they honestly believe that the additional fabric clinging to their body is more flattering than a swimsuit? And, its not like the water was even cold. Anyway, so I suit up and snag my own lane in the deep end. I brought along my Zoomers to continue strengthening my ankles. For those of you that don't know, I have abnormally flexible ankles (think Gumby), and it causes problems because my ankle (tendons, ligaments, etc) moves around too much, occasionally causing some minor, but annoying and painful issues.
3 hours later, I stopped swimming when I realized I had been in the water for 3 hours.
I initially started with a few sets of 200 drills, then worked on my flipturns which have suffered immensely when I stopped doing them in Masters. around the 1 hour mark, I just started swimming... and swimming.. and swimming.. After looking at a few averages time wise, and knowing my own swimming abilities, I estimate I swam just over 5 miles on Sunday. AND IT FELT GREAT. Not sore in the least Sunday evening/Monday.

I was a waste of life, actually. I put together my desk, unpacked some more stuff, took a nap, made a really tasty dinner, and watched a movie. Lame, right?

Also, I had an appointment with my cosmetic dentist. We went over everything that is going to have to be done... 3 crowns upper left, 1 implant, bottom left, 2 partial crowns, possible root canal. Top right, 2 partial crowns. Bottom right, good to go. Front, top and bottom, veneers as needed, most likely 5-8 (read: most likely all but maybe 1). I have to go on Friday for some imaging, as well as bring along some pictures from my past that show my teeth, so they can file the claim with medical that they are restoring my teeth, that its not purely aesthetic. I had my mom scan and send me a few of my closeup B&W shots from my senior pictures. Awww.. I look so young. Not the best scans, they kinda washed out a bit:

Also, I jammed in an interview on Tuesday as well for a side job, and am now the marketing director at a design firm, meaning I'm responding to RFP's essentially. Sounds pretty easy, and I used to be very involved in graphic/web design and programming, so I have a good idea of how it all works. I ended up with this off of SlowTwitch, a triathlon forum I occasionally visit. I had to laugh though.. its interesting to meet people in person - you'd be surprised at the demeanor and general presence of the person when they're not trying to get a rise out of people online.

Now that you're all caught up... I'll give your eyes a rest before I make my next post regarding RoadID.


Rainmaker said...

You swam for three hours randomly in the middle of the winter? Umm...that's a long time.

I think you're secretly training for the channel swim, not IMLP...

Meredith said...

YES!!!!! see, swimming long can be fun and relaxing. no one believes me.

holla when you want some company. its time for me to start ponying up again.

D said...

I had so many things I wanted to comment on, but now I have forgotten them all since reading about the job... are you working for Learn???? :D

D said...

Ok, I remember another thing now that I went back to your post haha.
I have the same ankle issues. Stupid ballet! Other than the Zoomers, any other tricks/techniques for keeping the pain/injuries down from this issue?