22 January 2009


I'm completely addicted to the Republic of Tea's "Get Heart". No, I don't believe that this is in any way improving my cardiovascular health in the least.. but it's so incredibly good tasting. A medium intensity red tea with blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry flavors, with an ever so small hint of something like cloves.

I seriously drink 3-4 cups a day.

Thank goodness my teeth are being replaced, or I'd be worried about surface staining.


Maggs said...

I like the Yogi Tea Breathe Deep. It's not very fruity, but sort of minty tasting. That and their immunity tea...right now I drink a couple a day...hoping to stay healthy.

For the chickpeas, it depends on how long you leave them in the oven. Less time and they are chewier, but still good, more time and they get crispy. Actually some in each batch get crispy and some are still chewy, my oven doesn't heat very evenly.

Rainmaker said...

Your header is new. Or I just noticed it. I'm going to go with new. And if it's not new, let's just pretend it is. Like NBC says - if you haven't seen it (or remembered it), it's new to you!

Lindsay said...

I did indeed change my header, just yesterday, so you're on the ball. :) I'm actually working on a full layout... the current header was just something I messed around with in photoshop.