23 January 2009

You call this music to your ears?

Today I went in for what I thought was just going to be pictures and xrays to start submitting to my medical insurance. Doc looks around, checks some things out, says "here, put this in your mouth for a few minutes". So, I stick a cotton swab with some brown goop on it back by the severely fractured teeth. No biggie (please note, I've NEVER even had a cavity, no dental work done aside from having a few teeth chipped by a basketball when I was little.. but they put me out for the bonding. Read: Naive). So they take a bunch of xrays, and the doc comes back in and lays the chair back. I tend to close my eyes because, well, deep down I'm terrified of dentists and all of their tools. So, I'm laying there, doing my best to become some deep spiritual/meditative person and completely remove myself from the element. Apparently the first instrument he used was actually a needle filled with Novocaine.

I realized this instantly when I heard "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" what the!? yep, BAM root canal. As he was grinding away at various parts of my teeth, telling me what he's doing the whole time..
me: I don't know how you handle that noise.
doc: what noise?
me: umm.. the horrific sound of grinding someones teeth off?
doc: ::chuckles:: how dare you call it noise! It's music to my ears.
me: Freak.

Luckily, he's actually a really awesome guy. I feel 100% confident in everything that he's doing, which is a first from any dentist I've ever worked with (well, him and my jaw surgeon). We'll finish up the crown next Friday (there were some issues with my gum growing into the cracks in the teeth post accident). I had to give him a bunch of pictures of before the accident, and he took some in their current state to submit for pre-authorization from my medical insurance. The manager of the office came in and talked to me, which was thoroughly impressive. They're pushing for 100% coverage, and in the meantime, I just pay $20 a visit. Not too bad.

Current timeline: next week, finish up work on my back 2 molars on the upper left, put the post in for the implant. Following appointment, work on the bottom left 2 molars for partial crowns, repair the cracked tooth on the right. Next appointment following: start work for 6 veneers on the top, 4 on the bottom.

Oh, as a side note, doc ended up using one of my senior pictures and this picture for the insurance company:


Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

I actually love going to the dentist. I find it very relaxing and usually fall asleep as they're working away. Guess that would put me in the freak catagory!