30 April 2009

Another Dental FAIL

Tuesday was supposed to be one of the last stops on my Dental Express... but alas, FAIL. It seems to be a recurring theme with the dental work thus far... a series of setbacks. My oral surgeon was supposed to drill the implant in and let that start healing for the next 90 days (for those of you keeping count.. that means a new tooth just after IMLP!), at which point a crown could be fashioned and I would officially be done with the dental work. Simple, right? In a sense, yes. Compliments of health insurance... no. Nothing can ever be simple with health insurance. Apparently they haven't pre-authorized my treatment yet, so no go on the surgery unless I want to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed. Pass. Seriously though... WHY haven't they done the authorization?!?! It's not like this was a surprise. I'm pretty sure they've seen close to 40K worth of dental work from this accident (not even including my hospital bills)... this should be something thats instantly approved. Alas, no. So, I'm stuck waiting for another 2 weeks or so until Aetna decides they want to do their job and pay my insurance. Awesome.

Training and work has been taking up most of my time. I'm looking forward to heading home today for my sisters bridal shower. I'm also going to explore the Emerald Necklace in Cleveland (and by explore, I mean ride 90 miles). It reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, and I have a feeling that there will be many times I'll catch myself singing "we're off to see the wizard". If the Emerald Necklace does indeed have anything to do with the Emerald City, I'll be sure to snap some pictures of the yellow brick road.


Kelly said...

Bleh. I have had TONS of bad experiences with health insurance. It makes me so angry... I'm paying each month, I'm paying the deductable... why can't they just pay for SOMETHING?

Good luck with all that!