17 April 2009

Panic Attack.

This morning brought about a double panic attack:


and then this email from Es:

Subject: Breathe In

Breathe out.

99 days to go!

Thanks for the reminder and subsequent panic attack of OHMYGODIRONMANIS99DAYSAWAY Es.

yep. Full panic mode right now.

I didn't get around to packing last night, so I need to go home and throw everything together for my race this weekend. I HATE packing last minute, but at least I have a full list of everything I need:

Or at least I hope that is everything that I need. Luckily if I'm missing something, someone on the team will have it.

Full report upon my return. Should be an interesting race. I get excited when I see only a few people in my age group, and then I realize they are all Collegiate Tri teams... from what I understand its everyone from VT and a few other colleges that didn't want to pay for National's this weekend. At least I know I'll be last going into it :)


Maggs said...

Thanks for giving me a panic attack...only 99 days? Crap!

Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

I just wanted to make sure you remembered today!!!

I recognize the panic.

Nice packing list. Mine is still neatly kept in my head. Guess I should start jotting it down!

D said...

Pffft... listen to Maggs, eh? Doing plenty of epic workouts these days, racing Boston this weekend... I think she's ready lol.

Have a great race this weekend! ENJOY IT!! We do this cuz it's fun, right? Uh, right? Wait... hmmm...

Kelly said...

Good luck!

Rainmaker said...

Sweet list! I think I need something just like that. ;)

Rainmaker said...

Oh wait...I'm not done yet. Wrong button.

Go kick ass...in Bumpass!