07 April 2009

A quick post about my underwear

Now that I have your attention..

I picked up a few pairs of Under Armour "Active Hipsters" when I was in Sports Authority a week or so ago. I needed to pick up some new sports bras since all of mine are too big (yes, this post is full of more information than you probably cared to know), compliments of losing weight while my jaw was wired shut. Under the racks of sports bras was a line of UA underwear. I figured what the heck, and grabbed a few pairs since they were on sale, and you can never have enough underwear.

By far, the most comfortable underwear I've ever tried. I wish they weren't so expensive and came in more colors :) Seriously ladies, try a pair if they happen to have them on sale somewhere. You won't be sorry.


Kelly said...

I'm kind of pathetic and I wear only one kind of underwear. If it doesn't come from Gap Body, I won't be caught dead in it. :)

Rainmaker said...

No comment.

MaineSport said...

For those dudes out there....UA is the best.